Aoun Says Lebanon Keen on Arab, Gulf and Saudi Ties


President Michel Aoun emphasized on Wednesday that Lebanon shall not be exploited as a crossing point to harm the Arab countries and Saudi Arabia, days after a Saudi ban on fresh produce over drug smuggling.

“I will never accept that Lebanon become a crossing to harm brethren Arab countries in general and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in particular,” stressed Aoun.

His remarks came during a meeting with a delegation of members of the Industrialists Association Board of Directors office at Baabda Palace.

He said Lebanon has strong ties with the Arab and Gulf countries that have “always stood by Lebanon’s side during various circumstances.”

“Saudi Arabia is a brotherly country,” stated Aoun. “We are keen on preserving economic cooperation with it, and today we are making a great effort to uncover the circumstances of what happened and put things back on the right track.”

On Friday, Saudi Arabia announced it seized over 5 million pills of an amphetamine drug known as Captagon hidden in a shipment of pomegranates coming from Lebanon.

A ban on Lebanese produce was announced Sunday from entering the oil-rich kingdom.

On Monday, Lebanon called on Saudi Arabia to reconsider its decision to ban Lebanese produce from entering the oil-rich kingdom over a drug smuggling case. Officials vowed to investigate and institute strict new measures.



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