Judge Aoun Hails Move to Freeze Assets of Banks and Their Chairmen


Mount Lebanon Prosecutor Judge Ghada Aoun on Wednesday lauded a decision by Bekaa’s acting First Examining Magistrate Amani Salameh that froze the real estate assets of all Lebanese banks and the real estate assets, shares and stocks of their chairmen.

“I publicly declare my belonging to the club of judges – to the most honorable people. Bravo, Judge Amani! You have always and anew proved that you support the right, the aggrieved and righteous justice,” Aoun tweeted.

“I’m with the free judges against those who target them from inside and outside the judiciary. I’m with the revolution of clean hands. I’m with you and I’m proud of that,” the judge added.

Judge Salameh’s decision follows a complaint filed by The People Want to Reform The Regime civil society group.

The complaint, on behalf of Lebanese depositors, accuses all Lebanese banks of “breach of trust, negligent and fraudulent bankruptcy, scam through the smuggling of funds, undermining the state’s financial reputation, money laundering, illicit enrichment and the violation of the constitution.”

“In the coming days, the decision will include other influential individuals suspected of involvement in the offenses mentioned in the complaint,” The People Want to Reform The Regime said in a statement.



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