U.N. Clarifies Recruitment Channels after Scam in Lebanon


The United Nations on Wednesday clarified its recruitment procedures, after media reports said some individuals in Lebanon have impersonated U.N. staff members in order to scam citizens.

“It has come to the attention of the United Nations (UN) that some individuals in Lebanon may be impersonating UN staff members and scamming people after promising them jobs with the UN or circulating fake vacancy announcements of positions with the international organization,” a statement distributed by the United Nations Information Center Beirut said.

“The UN system in Lebanon underlines that its recruitment procedures are not done through individuals but strictly through the official UN career portal or official UN websites,” the statement added.

The U.N. also warned that individuals impersonating the position of an international U.N. civil servant would be “committing fraud and subject to legal action.”

Al-Jadeed TV has aired a report showing the picture, real name and alias of one of the supposed impersonators.



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