Florida Woman Attacks Burger King Employee, Shouts Racial Slurs Over Size of Tomato in Whopper


by Evgeny Mikhaylov

Some people take culinary issues to heart, so a mistake in the recipe will make them go on a Gordon Ramsay-style rant. But other individuals take it to another level, going berserk when food does not meet their expectations.

An elderly woman from Florida has been arrested and charged with a felony after assaulting a staffer at a Sumter County Burger King, the Smoking Gun reported, citing police.

According to the paper, 77-year-old Judith Black became enraged over the thickness of the tomato in her sandwich, and after a black employee told the customer she couldn’t help until Judith stopped screaming, the furious woman then threw a Whopper at the staffer’s head.

She allegedly screamed “Shut up you Black b*tch”, before using the N-word and leaving the fast food restaurant.

Meet Judith Black from Florida. She was charged with a felony after yelling racial slurs and throwing a Whopper at a Burger King employee because her tomato was ‘too thick’. 🤡 pic.twitter.com/dmYYOvY9Kn

— Natasha ⚯͛ (@ndelriego) May 4, 2021

​According to police, Black confessed and was immediately arrested, but later released on $2,500 bail. The woman is now charged with battery, and the incident is classified as a felony due to the racist slurs she used.




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