Eleven People Killed, Over a Dozen Hospitalised After School Shooting in Kazan, Russia


MOSCOW/NIZHNY NOVGOROD (Sputnik) – An explosion has taken place inside a school in Kazan, Russia, where two unknown people opened fire earlier on Tuesday, a representative of the local emergency services told Sputnik.

“According to the updated information, 11 people were killed as a result of the shooting inside the school in Kazan”, a spokesman for the emergency services said. “Two of the children who died in the school shooting plunged to [their] death as they jumped out of a third-floor window”, the spokesman specified.

There were also reports of an explosion hitting the school after the shooting started.

According to preliminary reports, the police arrested one of the suspects.

“Law enforcement officers have detained a teenager, who is suspected of being behind the school shooting”, the spokesman said.

Police later said that a second shooter had been neutralised. According to authorities, the second shooter is a 19-year-old individual, who had an officially registered gun. A criminal investigation into the incident has been launched.

Meanwhile, Tatarstan declares 12 May a day of mourning after the deadly assault.



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