US disappoints world, harms Muslims: Global Times editorial


By Global Times

Palestinian firefighters search urgently for survivors and bodies under the rubble after an intensive civilian bombardment of Gaza City on Sunday. Israel pummelled the Gaza Strip with air strikes, killing 10 members of an extended family and demolishing a building housing international media outlets, as Palestinian militants fired back barrages of rockets.

UN Security Council members failed to agree on a unified position on the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel during an emergency session Sunday. This is the third time that the US blocked the statement. The countries which supported the statement include some US allies.

There are various explanations for why this round of conflict started, but Israel’s disproportionate killing of Palestinians has triggered a global outcry, and the US partiality of Israel goes contrary to humanity.

The US attitude cannot explain humanitarianism. The Gaza Strip has around 2 million people. The bombing of Israel has left 197 Palestinians dead, including civilians, hundreds injured, and tens of thousands homeless. Many people are short of food and drinking water. The region has descended into a new humanitarian disaster.

The US administration of Joe Biden is slapping its own face as it shows indifference to the human rights of Palestinians. It holds the banner of “human rights” high as the core of this administration’s foreign policy. It maliciously accused China of “genocide” against the Muslims in Xinjiang based on false information and its own values. Nonetheless, it turns a blind eye when the human rights of Palestinians are trampled on. The US can hardly justify its double standards and hypocrisy this time.

The US is a highly selfish superpower. When it has to choose between international morality and political self-interest, it just brazenly chooses the latter and forces the international community to get used to its shamelessness. The US often supports Israel regardless of the consensus of the other UN Security Council member states, which is astonishing to many other big powers.

The world economy is developing, resources are becoming rich and technologies that support globalization are setting up. But many old issues remain and new problems keep coming up. This is the consequence that the US, as the world’s sole superpower, acts on its own will, destabilizes world order and sacrifices international fairness and justice.

The Gaza Strip is bleeding, but the UN Security Council remains silent. Isn’t it strange? At this critical juncture, the US has no right to paralyze the organization whose responsibility is to maintain peace and eliminate suffering. We can do nothing when the Biden administration violates its various commitments to human rights and international obligations, but it cannot stop the UN from upholding justice. The 21st century should not be an era when humanity publicly tolerates such massacre.

Over the years, the UN Security Council has adopted resolutions more than once to support the two-state solution to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict. The US hasn’t truly advanced the implementation of the solution. Defying pressure from the international community, the Trump administration moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which drew further apart from the spirit of the two-state solution. The Biden administration gave tacit consent to what the previous administration did. The US did not provide any positive energy to peace in the Middle East in recent years.

The US focus has completely shifted to major power competition. Obviously, Washington does not like Muslims. Nor does it like China. Nonetheless, it has shown particular interest in the Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region. US values have become distorted. Its bellicosity in major power competition dominates its attention and agenda-setting.

In order to focus on China and Russia, Washington is eager to retreat from the Middle East and does not want to invest in new energy and resources for the sake of Palestine-Israel peace. But it wants the situation in the Middle East to remain favorable to the strategic interests of Israel and the US so it can retreat without pain, and lets the Palestinians suffer from the unfinished political chaos in the Middle East and lets time heal injustice. But Washington must be made to know that justice cannot be buried alive.



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