Armenian president calls on military to use most stringent measures against encroachments on country’s territory


YEREVAN, May 19. /ARKA/. Armenian President Armen Sarkissian called today on the military to use all efforts and take the most stringent measures against encroachments and border violations that threaten the territorial integrity of the country.

He said as some of Azerbaijani troops that had invaded into the territory of Armenia earlier this month have not yet pulled back to their original positions the responsibility of the state for bringing the country out of the crisis is especially important when it comes to matters of security.

He also noted the importance of using the diplomatic arsenal in full force. “The restoration of the international reputation of Armenia, the deepening of cooperation with international partners and allied relations is a necessity. These relationships need to be built around a realistic and targeted agenda. We need to use all the tools of both traditional and public diplomacy, involve the Diaspora and use all resources,” he said.

In Sarkissian’s words, the current situation, the action of the Armenian side and the response should be understandable and acceptable for its international partners.

“The public should be promptly and truthfully informed about the ongoing processes, being confident that it is protected, that the state, regardless of political or other factors, carries out its functions,” he said.

The President noted that in the current situation, national unity is again becoming an urgent need.

“Only in this case we will be able to resolve security problems, economic, internal political and all other problems. We need to realize that we have one border – the border of the Fatherland. As a state and a nation, we must have one national agenda. Each of us in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora must act within the framework of this common agenda. The interests of Armenia, Artsakh, the Armenian people can only be represented by a strong, stable, united Armenia,” Sarkissian said.


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