Pashinyan confirms the credibility of the document published by the opposition


YEREVAN, MAY 20, ARMENPRESS. The document published by the opposition is real, ARMEPRESS reports caretaker Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said at the National Assembly extraordinary session, adding that the position of the Armenian side remains the same – the armed forces of Azerbaijan must withdraw from the territory of Armenia without preconditions.

‘’Based on the discussions of this situation, a very important question emerges, since we have the reality that we have no delimited and demarcated border with Azerbaijan. If we solve this situation and at the next moment similar situations arise, will we every time take the path of making an international noise and consensus? Finally, we have a situation that has developed under the circumstances that we all know and that situation has to be managed. In this period a proposal has been made to establish a trilateral commission that will deal with those issues’’, Pashinyan said.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, the government did not consider it correct to publish the working document that is still under discussion. ”But since it has been published by the opposition, I can say that yes, it’s the only and unique document that has been on our working table for 1.5-2 days. What’s the key point in that document? It’s that the sides undertake to resolve the border situations not through mutual movements of troops, but only through diplomatic and political means. Is this a new idea? No, because I have announced about this from here’’, Nikol Pashinyan said.

The caretaker Prime Minister emphasized that earlier he had said that the establishment of the commission should take place after Azerbaijani armed forces withdraw from the territory of our country. ‘’Or we will record a provision in that document that, say, in 3 days, in 4 days the process of withdrawal of those troops must take place. This is the whole story and I want to tell you that there is no secret appendix”, Nikol Pashinyan said.


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