Ruling bloc lawmaker denies existence of secret, verbal agreements with Azerbaijan on surrendering territory


YEREVAN, MAY 21, ARMENPRESS. Member of Parliament Ruben Rubinyan from the ruling My Step bloc denies rumors on an alleged verbal agreement on surrendering any village or territory of Armenia to Azerbaijan.

Speaking to reporters in parliament, Rubinyan mentioned that the potential delimitation document’s full version was published by the opposition the day before. He assured that there is no other document under discussion.

“We’ve all seen the working version, and it doesn’t contain any word on ceding any territory. The Armenian side has said that the discussion of this document can happen only in case of the Azerbaijani military formations returning to their original positions,” he said.

He said all reports alleging that secret, verbal agreements exist on surrendering villages to Azerbaijan are fake news.

Rubinyan reiterated that the delimitation and demarcation document can only be signed in case of the Armenian side’s condition is fulfilled, i.e. – the withdrawal of Azeri troops from the Armenian sovereign territory.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan


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