Tesla May Consider Russia for One of Future Factory Sites, Elon Musk Says


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Tesla will look at building more factories in new countries over time and Russia may be considered for one of the sites, Elon Musk, the CEO of the electric car company, said Friday.

“Over time we will look to have factories in other parts of the world, and potentially Russia”, Musk said at the Russian educational marathon “New Knowledge”, which he was attending online.

In terms of service centres for the cars, Tesla is “close to establishing a presence in Russia”, Musk said, adding that the electric car company was thinking of doing the same for Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries.

He also noted it would be better if Russia and the US communicated more.

“There is a lot of talented energy in Russia and I think there should be more dialogue and communication between Russia and the United States”, Musk stated, adding that he admires the technological achievements of Russia and the USSR.

Tesla has several factories in the US, one in China, and is building one in Berlin. Recently, British media suggested that the company may be planning to build another factory in the UK as well.

Future Prospects

The billionaire also made several tech predictions, praising electric transportation and describing his vision of technological progress.

“All transport will obviously be electric, with the ironic exception of rockets”, the businessman noted.

Planes will be the last mode of transport to go electric, Tesla CEO said.

“I think we will look back on internal combustion cars the same way we look on steam engines”, Musk said, adding that cars will definitely be self-driving in the future.

He stressed that there was no discussion about autonomous driving, no “question mark”.



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