Turkey’s boomers use Facebook more as youth stick to Instagram: Survey


Internet users over the age of 65 in Turkey mostly prefer Facebook, while the younger generation likes to spend more time on Instagram, according to a survey.

A poll conducted by Areda Piar, an Istanbul-based research and consultancy company, with the participation of 1,100 people, focused on the social media habits of individuals from different generations.

The research revealed that people belonging to different generations exhibit similar behaviors in their use of the internet. Internet users over the age of 65 in Turkey mostly prefer Facebook, while the younger generation is more inclined towards Instagram, according to a survey.

When asked for what purpose the Internet is mostly used, the participants answered the reasons such as googling, following social media platforms, watching videos and online television and reading newspapers online.

However, the usage preference of social media platforms varied according to the ages of the participants.

The generation, known as the “baby boomers,” mostly uses the internet for social media monitoring at a rate of 57.6 percent. The most preferred social media channel of this group is Facebook, at 89.7 percent.

Baby boomer refers to a member of the demographically large generation born between the end of World War II and the mid-1960s.

However, only 5 percent of baby boomers buy mobile or online content for a fee.

Conversely, 74.6 percent of members of Generation Z who participated in the study stated that they used social channels “to spend time.”

Generation Z, a term that refers to those young people born around the turn of the millennium, has recently drawn Turkey’s attention as the result of some studies conducted that were aimed to know the political preferences of the youth.

According to the research, nearly 80 percent of this group participating in the study said that they used Instagram more.

When asked for what purpose social media platforms are used more, 66 percent of Generation Z replied “sharing” and “interacting.”

The rate of Generation Z users who said that social media is used more “to communicate” and “to follow a brand” was 38.6 percent and 12.5 percent, respectively.

Some 65 percent of Generation Z buy mobile or online content for a fee.

Meanwhile, 47.6 percent of members of Generation X, people born between the early 1960s and late 1970s, stated that they use the internet to follow social media.

While 38 percent of generation X members follow brands, 39.7 percent of them use the internet for googling, according to the survey.

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