Super flower moon lights up skies


Skygazers across Turkey witnessed a spectacular astronomical phenomenon when Earth’s satellite coinciding with a lunar eclipse bathed in blood-red shiny light on May 26.

The super flower moon was observed in the skies of Turkey’s metropolitan city Istanbul and capital Ankara, and also appeared in a large number of other countries from Japan to the United States.

People taking photographs of this rare sight shared breathtaking views on social media.

The “super moon” observed in May is often defined as “flower moon,” mainly due to its association with flowers blooming at this time of year.

According to astronomers, the moon coincided with it being at its closest to the Earth during its orbit, making it appear larger and brighter.

This celestial incident, known as the “super flower blood moon,” was the only total lunar eclipse of this year.

During the eclipse, the moon turned into a deep blood-red color.

Hurriyet Daily News


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