Morocco to Israel: Dialogue is a first step to Peace


Morocco can use its experience on the African continent to partner with Israeli investors in several areas, according to Mohammed Zainabi, editor of L’Observateur du Maroc. JERUSALEM POST STAFF

Morocco-Israel (Illustrative)(photo credit: Courtesy)

In December 2020, shortly after Israel and Morocco announced the normalization of relations, The Jerusalem Post and L’Observateur du Maroc, one of Morocco’s leading news magazines, announced a strategic partnership.

On June 2, Mohammed Zainabi, editor of L’Observateur du Maroc, will be speaking at the Global Investment Forum in Dubai, sponsored by the Khaleej Times and The Jerusalem Post.

Speaking with the Jerusalem Post prior to the Forum, Zainabi said that, “dialogue is a first step to peace, and peace is a vital and essential step to prosperity.”

He explained that Morocco is a gateway to the countries of Africa and has participated in the affairs of the continent for many years. Morocco can use its experience on the African continent, said Zainabi, to partner with Israeli investors there in several areas, including renewable energy, water technology, finance, and high-tech.

Zainabi added that Morocco has experienced difficulties with water conservation, and Israeli know-how could greatly benefit the country.

“This is a new opportunity for Israeli industry to create new methods for water economy,” he said.

The peace agreement between Israel and Morocco presents an opportunity for the two countries, said Zainabi.

He noted that “in Morocco, many people hope that our cooperation will bring something concrete. We can change the mindset of people when we can share with them a concrete project built by Moroccans and Israelis. The young people are waiting to see in real life what this agreement can give concretely for our countries.”

This article was written in cooperation with Global Digital Media.



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