Israeli Intel Officer Reportedly Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances, Gag Order Issued on Case


by Andrei Dergalin

The identity of the officer, the contents of the indictment filed against him and even the nature of his alleged transgressions were reportedly “barred from publication”.

An unnamed Israeli military intelligence officer who was indicted on charges that were not disclosed to the public, passed away in a hospital after being found in a serious condition at military detention facility last month, Haaretz reports.

According to the newspaper, the military tribunal revealed in a statement that an indictment was filed with the military court in September 2020 against an officer of the Israel Defence Forces Military Intelligence Corps; “the officer was arrested following a decision by the military court and the legal process on the matter had not been decided.”

During the night between 16 and 17 May, the statement says, the officer was “found at a military detention facility in the centre of the country in serious medical condition” and was transferred to a hospital where he was eventually pronounced dead.

The officer’s identity, the nature of the offences he was charged with and the contents of the indictment were “barred from publication”, the newspaper notes, mentioning “gag orders” that were imposed in the officer’s case.

The statement also mentions a probe into the officer’s death that was opened by the army’s Internal Investigation Units, with the results of said probe being expected to be “handed over to the military prosecutor for examination”.

“Hearings in the officer’s case were held behind closed doors and a sweeping gag order was placed on them,” the statement says. “An additional gag order was issued on the Internal Investigation Unit’s probe into the circumstances of his death.”



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