Turkey appoints or shifts locations of 21,526 police


The Turkish General Directorate of Security (EGM) said on Tuesday that it carried out 21,526 annual personnel appointments and relocations in the country’s police force.

The EGM shifted a total of 10,329 officers from the so-called Region 1 to Region 2, while another 10,845 were transferred from Region 2 to Region 1. Meanwhile, 352 officers were relocated within Region 2, it said.

Turkey has two regions and 13 sub-regions for government workers, determined by factors including location, level of development, availability of transport and required mandatory service that varies between two and 10 years, according to the EGM’s bylaws.

Among the 21,526 officers were chief inspectors, inspectors, deputy inspectors, ranked police officers and unranked police officers, the EGM said.

There were 259,302 people employed in the Turkish police force in 2020, according to an annual report.



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