Report: Berri ‘Still Has Rabbits in His Hat’


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri is still betting that he can revive his governmental initiative in cooperation with Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi, media reports said on Friday.

“Berri has not yet used ‘all of his rabbits’ and he is still keeping the ‘last rabbit’ in his hat until the right moment comes to pull it out,” sources close to Hizbullah and Berri’s Amal Movement told the Nidaa al-Watan newspaper.

“Contacts resumed over the past hours between Bkirki and Ain el-Tineh, between Ain el-Tineh and the Center House, and between Haret Hreik and the Baabda Palace,” the sources revealed.

“The contacts focused on the need to pacify the situations and not to waste the last chance that Berri’s initiative represents in order to reach a format that would be accepted by everyone,” the sources added.

The sources also revealed that the Speaker has “a certain vision for how to name the two Christian ministers, if this is truly the obstacle that is delaying the formation.”

“He also has a proposal for the redistribution of some portfolios in needed, in a manner that would satisfy both the President and the PM-designate,” the sources added.


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