Rahi: Could There Be Plans to Thwart Parliamentary, Presidential Polls


Maronite Patriarch Beshara el-Rahi said on Sunday that Lebanese politicians are to blame for Lebanon’s political and social misery, pointing that delayed cabinet efforts could carry intentions to thwart the parliamentary and presidential elections.

“If political officials were humble and loving, they would have abandoned their personal interests and reconciled with politics and the state, and they would not have brought the country to this political and social misery,” said Rahi during the liturgy on the eighth anniversary of Lebanon’s dedication to the Immaculate Heart of Mary from Basilica of Harissa.

Rahi stated that officials are trying to save their “souls and interests, not the country’s, and they act as if there is no people or system.”

The Patriarch also emphasized that officials do not care about the Lebanese people, who can no longer tolerate injustice.

Rahi raised suspicions about the delayed efforts to form a much-needed government saying it could bear schemes to thwart Lebanon’s parliamentary and presidential elections.

“Behind the flimsy reasons are there any intentions to thwart the parliamentary and presidential elections? Or maybe there are plans to bring down Lebanon hundred years after its formation as an independent state,” he lashed.

He also stressed that people could no longer bear to remain silent about the crime of bombing the port of Beirut.

Finally, he called on the United Nations to pull Lebanon out from collapse and bankruptcy, and appealed to the Health Organization to intervene and help in backing up the health situation in Lebanon.



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