Greece fears Turkish drones undermine its security


Turkey’s armed drones are contributing to the challenges for militaries worldwide and the security risks for Greece, the Greek daily The National Herald said in an editorial published on Sunday.

Drones are “the new face of war,” according to the daily, and Turkey’s years of developing cheap, armed drones on top of their battlefield successes are adding to global military problems from these systems.

According to the publication, Greece has been diversifying its defence alliances in recent years but it has yet to acquire a clear answer for Turkish drones. However, it did note that Turkey has shown no indication that it would turns its armed drones against Greece.

The two neighbours and NATO allies nearly came to the brink of military confrontation last summer over competing claims to waters in the eastern Mediterrenean Sea. Turkey has called for Greece to demilitarise islands it governs off of its coast, accusing Athens of violating the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne by maintaining its forces there.

Turkey’s TB-2 armed drones have distinguished themselves in the eyes of prospective customers for their success on the battlefield. Qatar, Libya and Ukraine are all currently operators of the TB-2 and others, including Pakistan and Kazakhstan, have shown interest in the system.

Poland became the latest importer of the TB-2 on May 24 and is the first country within the European Union and NATO to acquire the system.



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