Historic Turkish bath in Istanbul put up for sale


historic Turkish bath built in Istanbul in 1562 during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent has been put up for sale for 29 million Turkish Liras ($3.45 million).

The Horhor Bath, which was built by Behruz Ağa, the sultan’s private chambermaid, was put up for sale by the shareholder family.

The 558-square-meter main building of the Turkish bath is located in a first-degree protection zone as it is a registered monument. The 80-square-meter area on the same plot is currently being used as a residence.

It is known that the bath became its current architectural state after the great fire in 1756, which destroyed nearly one-third of Istanbul.

The 30-room and three-story Turkish bath, which served only the elite class of the palace in the past, is now waiting for its new buyers.

Turgay Kurt, the fourth-generation shareholder of the historic Turkish bath, said that the site currently had 22 shareholders from four families, and the number of partners would increase to 69 in the next generation.

He stated that they want to sell this bath already before the number of heirs increases further.

Hurriyet Daily News


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