Indian Woman Paraded Naked Through Village as ‘Punishment’ for ‘Affair’


by Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

Kangaroo courts, an assembly of elders of villages, are medieval-style illegal justice systems where a handful of elders, mostly men, make arbitrary decisions to dispense quick “justice”. Spread across India, solutions or punishments pronounced by these gatherings often turn deadly and barbaric for those on the receiving end.

A woman was stripped of her clothes and made to parade through the village as “punishment” in the eastern state of West Bengal for returning home to her husband after six months, a police official has said.

The woman was rescued by the local police after the incident came to light on social media.

“We will arrest all responsible for the incident”, said Bholanath Pandey, a top police official in Alipurduar, West Bengal.

According to reports, the 35-year-old woman had left the village with a person with whom she had an illicit affair.

While her husband gladly welcomed her back, the villagers could not accept it. Upon her return, they started interrogating her about her whereabouts over the past 6 months. But when she failed to answer, the elder men in the village convened a kangaroo court to “pronounce a verdict”.

She was dragged out of her house and assaulted when she failed to explain her stay with another person.

“A group tore off her clothes and forced her to walk through the village. Some people shot videos of the woman. The victim was so shocked that she fled and was traceless for days”, sources told a local newspaper.

Per the police, the woman is still in shock and under medical observation.

Condemning the incident, Trinamool leader Dhiresh Chandra Roy said, “It is barbaric and we want the police to take stringent steps against all involved, even if any happen to be from our party”.



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