Geagea Slams Authorities ‘Absence’, Rejects Naming Ministers


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Monday accused President Michel Aoun, the caretaker cabinet and the parliamentary majority of standing idly by in the face of the country’s growing crises.

“It turns out that there is a president in the Baabda Palace but he is not present. There is also a caretaker premier in the Grand Serail but he is not present and the same applies to the parliamentary majority. If they wanted to act, it would have shown by now. The only solution is early parliamentary elections,” Geagea said at a press conference that followed a meeting for the Strong Republic bloc.

Commenting on the gasoline shortage crisis, the LF leader said the state “no longer has money to continue the subsidization policy.”

“People are waiting one or two hours outside stations because the president and the caretaker premier do not want to shoulder the responsibility of ending subsidization,” Geagea added.

He added that calls for the LF to name two ministers in the new government are aimed at deviating attention.

“When the issue of the two Christian ministers gets solved, we would move to the issue of two Muslim ministers and the blocking one-third and this is a tragedy that we are living every day,” Geagea said.

As for parliamentary elections, the LF leader said: “Is it reasonable to wait for 11 months to hold the elections on time in May? Is it reasonable to prolong the people’s suffering in these circumstances during this period? The only solution lies in re-creating authorities and what prevents holding the elections within one or two months?”



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