Mustaqbal Hits Back at Presidency, Says Obstruction in ‘Aounist Genes’

TOPSHOT - Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri greets his supporters upon his arrival at his home in Beirut on November 22, 2017. Hariri, back in Beirut after a mysterious odyssey that saw him announce his resignation in Saudi Arabia, told cheering supporters that he was staying. / AFP PHOTO / MARWAN TAHTAH (Photo credit should read MARWAN TAHTAH/AFP via Getty Images)

Sources following up on the cabinet formation process and close to al-Mustaqbal Movement have snapped back at a statement issued by the Presidency, describing it as an attack on Speaker Nabih Berri and the stance of Dar al-Fatwa’s juristic council.

“President Aoun is shutting the doors in the face of initiatives and openly declaring that he does not want a government. He does not want a government led by (PM-designate Saad) Hariri because any progress in addressing the files will be attributed to Hariri’s role,” the sources told LBCI TV on Tuesday.

“Aoun does not want a government led by another figure because he knows that it would not be able to move forward and, accordingly, Aoun wants to keep the situation as it is: a caretaker cabinet that it not taking care of matters, and running the country’s affairs from the presidential palace and through the Higher Defense Council,” the sources added.

“Obstruction is in the Aounist genes and there is no hope in achieving a real breakthrough,” the sources added.



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