Presidency Denounces ‘Interference’ in Govt Process


The Presidency issued a statement on Tuesday criticizing what it said were “interventions” and statements made by political parties concerning the government formation process.

Below is the statement released by media office of the Presidency:

The Lebanese are looking forward for the formation of a new government to address the deteriorating economic and social conditions, mainly 10 months after the resignation of PM Hassan Diab and 8 months since the designation of PM Saad Hariri to form a government.

While President Michel Aoun expresses readiness to facilitate this task, we come across statements and positions from different references that interfere in the formation process intentionally or unwittingly ignoring the mechanism stipulated in the constitution, which is summarized by the necessity of agreement between the President of the Republic and the PM-designate who are exclusively concerned with the process.

Some facts have emerged in the last few days intruding on the constitutional norms, parties that thankfully volunteer to help in the formation are urged to abide by the constitution and its provisions.

The Presidency has responded to a number of suggestions to achieve a natural formation of the government, and has overlooked abuses, violations and direct targeting of the jurisdictions of the President. The artificial momentum that some people create in approaching the government formation file is not acceptable if it does not abide by Article 53 paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Constitution.

An initiative made by Speaker Nabih Berri aimed at easing the formation hurdles drove the media attention, amid reports it could be coordinated with French support.



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