Hizbullah, FPM Meet to Rein in Social Media Wars


Media officials from Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement, in addition to news directors and social media officers from both sides, held a coordinative meeting Friday at the FPM’s headquarters in Sin el-Fil, a statement said.

The meeting was “very positive and it discussed means to boost media coordination and cooperation in the coming period, especially amid the quantity of rumors that are targeting the relation between the Mar Mikhail Understanding duo,” the statement added, describing the “rumors” as “malicious” and having “known objectives.”

The two parties also agreed to “maintain communication, periodic meetings and bilateral talks,” urging their members and supporters to “abide by the highest levels of discipline, understanding and close ties” on social networking websites.

The meeting comes hours before a key speech by Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.



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