Putin Calls for Compromises on Karabakh?


https://www.turan.az-Moscow /20.07.21 / Turan: Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked the head of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev for finding compromise solutions to resolve the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Of course, one of the most important issues remains the issue of resolving the situation in the region. I know that you, of course, pay great attention and importance to it. And I want to thank you for finding compromise solutions,” Putin said at the beginning of the meeting with the Azerbaijani a colleague in the Kremlin on July 20.

“They are always the most difficult. But if we want, and we all want a settlement, we must follow this path. So far we have been able to do it,” – quotes Putin RIA Novosti agency.

Aliyev also stated that Baku is determined to calmly pass the post-conflict period in Karabakh. He stressed that he is in constant contact on this issue with the President of Russia.

“Over the past eight months after the end of hostilities, I think that our personal communication both in Moscow in January and by phone played a very important role in stabilizing the situation. We are determined to ensure that the post-conflict period proceeds as painlessly as possible. by joint efforts we succeed in this, “the President of Azerbaijan said.


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