At Least 13 People Killed During Prison Riot in Northeastern Mexico


The revolt in a Mexican prison located in the northeastern country’s state claimed lives of at least 13 prisoners.

MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – At least 13 people were killed as a result of a riot in a prison in the city of Cadereyta Jimenez located in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, a representative of the state’s security service Aldo Fasci said.

He said that eight more prisoners remained in a serious condition and, therefore, the death toll may increase. One security officer was also injured in the incident.

According to Fasci, the revolting prisoners took three guards as hostages and the authorities had held talks on their release for a long time. When the parties failed to reach an agreement, the authorities ordered to start an assault and use weapons against the revolting prisoners.

The riot is said to have been caused by conflicts between members of various criminal groups in the prison. According to Fasci, the situation in the jail is now under control.



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