5 reasons men cheat


It is believed by many that all men cheat, and studies have shown that women are also culprits. The difference, some believe, between men and women is that a man will cheat for no reason. But in actuality, many men who cheat will tell you that their cheating was not just based on a whim, but was done because of other factors, some listed below,

  1. Stalker tendencies. Men hate you snooping around their things and this behaviour can many times trigger distance. If he can’t trust you, he is going to stray. Learn to leave your man’s private things alone – like his wallet, his drawers, his car, his phone, his Facebook account, etc. If you have to play detective, end that relationship. Once there is no trust, there will be no real relationship.
  2. The controller. A man detests when a woman believes she is boss. Give him space to go out with friends, give him space to think, to breathe. Stop with the demands.
  3. Attention-seeking. The problems start when attention is demanded in such a way that it puts a strain on other areas of the man’s life. If the man gives you all his attention, where in that is time left for him, his family and his job? Women should be more understanding and also develop a life where they are not dependent solely on a man’s time and attention.
  4. Not willing to experiment. When a relationship starts with fire, it is expected that this fire will keep burning. Ladies, you can’t start by making love to the man five times per day and then after a year, you only think of sex once every three months. You must ensure your partner’s sexual needs are met. Be creative and stop with the boring sex life.
  5. Champion nag. Men hate women who nag. They want to know that their women understand and accept them. If it is that you are always complaining, I encourage you to stop or that man will soon be someone else’s. Develop a sense of humour and relax yourself. Be your man’s “homie”, someone he can relate to, and won’t feel like he is being judged with.

At the end of the day, men are simple: they simply want to be loved, just like you do.



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