Greek court sentences Turkish worker for ‘illegal border crossing’


A Greek court on May 3 sentenced a Turkish municipal worker to five months in jail after he “accidentally” crossed the Turkish-Greek border.

The jail term was suspended and Musa Alerik was fined 1,500 euros before being released from custody.

The worker was detained by Greek border troops on May 2 after he accidentally crossed the border, state-run Anadolu Agency has reported.

Recep Gürkan, mayor of northwestern border province of Edirne, said the incident occurred after the municipality had asked for a digger to construct a water well at the Pazarkule Border Gate with Greece.

Alerik accidentally crossed the border while maneuvering the digger and was taken tothe Greek border city of Orestiada after being detained, Gürkan said.

Deputy Mayor Selçuk Çakır said Alerik was trying to maneuver backwards in the buffer zone and accidentally crossed into Greek territory.

“A water well has been dug on the Turkish side. It is related to water transportation to the buildings and troops here. Our friend came here to dig a ditch but he entered Greek territory instead of the customs area while trying to maneuver backwards,”Çakır added.


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