Unpleasant stench engulfs Aydın in Turkey’s west overnight


An unpleasant smell has caused uproar in the Efeler district of the western Turkish province of Aydın, with the authorities unable to trace the source of the rotten egg-like stench.

The smell reportedly started to spread from around 11:00 p.m. on May 2 and continued throughout the night.

Local authorities have yet to make a statement about the smell, but an anonymous environmental engineer suggested that it could be related to an uncontrolled gas emission from geothermal wells in the Efeler district.

The engineer also added that the gas could be Sulphur, the breathing of which could harm human health.

In the absence of an explanation from any of the local authorities, many Aydın residents have taken to social media to condemn the negligence of officials and call them to duty.


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