UNDP suggests ‘wrapping’ residential buildings with special material to reduce heating costs by 60%


YEREVAN, May 16. /ARKA/. “Wrapping” multi-apartment building with a special high-tech shell will reduce the cost of heating by 50-60%, said UNDP Deputy Resident Representative to Armenia Dmitry Maryasin.

In July 2017, the Armenian government and the United Nations Development Program launched a joint program designed to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere in 2017-2023 by 250 thousand tons, and energy costs of farms by 14-20%. For these purposes, Armenia will receive $20 million from the Green Climate Foundation. The government will in turn provide a co-financing in the amount of $9.8 million.

“We believe that it is not very effective to give credit or some money to individual families, so that they, for example, change windows in their apartments to cut heating costs. It is much more effective to “wrap” buildings with a special high-tech shell that reduces energy losses by 50-60%. Some households will be able to warm their apartments properly, while others will save substantial sums,” Maryasin told journalists on Wednesday during a conference on knowledge sharing on energy efficiency management and financing residential buildings.

Maryasin noted that initially the program will not include buildings that need major repairs. According to him, to implement such a program a consolidated decision of all families is required as to how this project will be financed.

“The selection of houses will be carried out on a competitive basis. For this we will start with those houses whose residents are ready to assemble and do it,” he explained.

At the same time, he noted that the amount allocated is insufficient to ‘wrap’ all multi-apartment buildings. He said UNDP will cooperate with banks so that they, in turn, provide affordable loans to residents.

He also noted that the program was preceded by a pilot period, when several projects were implemented. The modernization of one building cost $90 thousand, but now the price has decreased.


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