Turkey finishes setting up observation posts in Idlib


Turkey has finished establishing military observation posts in the Idlib province of Syria by setting up its 12th and last post, the Turkish army announced in a written statement on May 16.

As part of a three-way agreement with Russia and Iran under the Astana Process, Turkey had begun setting up observation posts in Idlib in October 2017.

Idlib was chosen as one of four de-escalation zones in which Turkey was assigned to monitor the truce between the Syrian regime and the opposition.

Turkey has recently intensified establishing posts in the rebel-held province as it formed three military posts in the last week. The move followed a technical level meeting between Turkey, Russia and Iran in Astana, where the parties have agreed to accelerate efforts for confidence building between the two fighting parties.

A summit between three leaders is expected to be held in July in Russia’s Sochi. The expectation is that efforts for a political solution will be intensified as the military conflict between the regime and the opposition will end.


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