Meghan Markle: Her real name and other things you might not know about her



From a briefcase girl in “Deal or No Deal” to “Suits” and suddenly, the bride to a real life Prince.

It’s the ultimate Tinder Tale. Meghan Markle gets set up on a blind date and the next thing she knows, she’s camping in Botswana with His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry’s actual name, btw) and then spreading the royal wedding fever.

But who is Meghan? As we Pinoys love to ask, “Sikat ba ‘yan? Sino ba ‘yan?”

We have answers!

  1. Meghan is actually her second name. Her first name is Rachel.

That’s right: It’s Rachel Meghan Markle! She was born on August 4, 1981 and she’s mixed race, born to African-American social worker Doria Ragland and Caucasian TV producer Thomas Markle.

  1. She won’t be “Princess Meghan.”

At this point, her royal title is still up in the air, but it’s highly unlikely that she’ll be called Princess Meghan. In the same way that Kate Middleton (aka Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) will become Princess William of Wales once Prince Charles ascends to the throne, Meghan will become Princess Henry of Wales.

Before that, her title will likely be Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. You’re still expected to curtsy and address them as “Your Royal Highness” and “Ma’am” (rhymes with ham, not palm).

To be frank, though, her best title is Tita to royal tots George, Charlotte, and Louis!

  1. This is Meghan’s second marriage.

Meghan was married in Jamaica in 2011 to film producer Trevor Engelson. The cause of the pair’s split is still unknown and tabloids are having some fun talking about Trevor’s yet-to-air show about a couple who separates…and the wife runs of to a British prince. That sounds very familiar, but Trevor says it’s all fiction.

On the other hand, Meghan finding love again after a less than amicable separation seems proof that there’s life after heartbreak and it’s not too late to have your fairy tale. Go get your dreams.


  1. Her first credit in a film was as “Passenger on plane” in “A Lot Like Love.”

This was followed by a minor role in “Remember Me”, where she plays a character who shares her name — sans the “h.” Incidentally, she and the character have the same name: Rachel from TV show “Suits.”

  1. Meghan’s engagement ring is designed by Prince Harry

In a sit-down interview with the BBC, Prince Harry shared that he designed the ring with the help of Cleave and Company “using one diamond sourced from Botswana and two smaller stones from Princess Diana’s collection.”

  1. You won’t find her on social media anymore

As early as January of this year, Meghan has been off of social media. That sounds refreshing. Find updates about her and Prince Harry through @kensingtonroyal and @theroyalfamily

  1. Finally, being royal is in Meghan’s blood.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that the New England Historic Genealogical Society found that Meghan through her father’s side of the family is “a 24th generation descendant of King Edward III.” Oh-kay! — LA, GMA News



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